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Welcome to Divine solutions by the divine energy

Divine Solution-Receiving Divine Energy which is then used for Consultancy, Healing and other Divine Services

Divine Solutions is all you need to solve all your problems. We can tell you every thing about your past, present and future with the help of Divine Instrument. That is not all, we can tell you every thing about people around you, connected to you, will be connected to you in future (like life partner), property, jobs, investment related issues and what not....... Divine Solutions also provide Healing services.

Divine Services that are offered on Divine Solutions are as follows:

  1. Career Consultancy
  2. Money and Finance Consultancy
  3. Love Marriage and Romance Consultancy
  4. Profiling of an Individual
  5. Health Consultancy
  6. Healing
  7. Baby Consultancy
  8. Any Specific Consultancy

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Dr. Ajay Kr. Singh is the prime consultant for the divine solutions.

Dr. Singh has been awarded gold medal from Szent István University, Hungary for significant contributions.Dr. Singh with 22 years of experience has traveled to various countries like USA, Australia, Austria, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, France, Thailand, Turkey, Nepal, etc., and his publications are 85 including seven books, 40 research papers (including two award winning papers), case studies, editorial reviews, and book reviews published in leading national and international journals. 7 Ph.D. Scholars and 4 M. Phil. students have completed their theses/dissertation under his supervision.

Dr. Singh is a certified healer. He has been trained by three masters Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji, Master Del Pe, and Madam Shashi for spiritual sciences. He has acquired mastery in handling Divine Instrument and letting the Divine Energy flow through him when he wants it and to the person/thing he wants to, which is called as healing.

all that you need to tell


Divine Solution-HandName!!!! Yes its name only only only and only name that you need to tell to us and nothing else and the Divine Instrument will do the rest!!!!!

Can you believe this, everything about past, present and future not limited to you but including people who you know or you want to know about and things you know or you want to know about, just by your name. This seems impossible but it works!!! It has changed many peoples' life, actually it has transformed many and saved many others. Check our testimonial page.

What all we do not require which others do  

How we are different from others

  • No Date of Birth required
  • No Place of Birth required
  • No Time of Birth required
  • No Address required
  • Nothing required except for your name, Yes that's all!!!



All Those people who have been provided services free of cost can contribute according to their choice. Others interested in contributing for a cause can also donate.

Donations are accepted under Society for Human Transformation and Research (Registered on July 13, 1998) vide Registration No. 33252 under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860. SHTR is also registered under Section 12 A and 80 G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 as a charitable and tax exempt organization.

That means by donating you will get Income tax exemption benefits under section 12A and 80G of Income Tax Act.


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